DECAL GRIP for GLOCK FG 19/23/32/38 SND
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  If you've ever had to manipulate a handgun with liquids or fluids (blood, lubricants, oils, sweat, etc.) on your hands, you know how difficult it is to maintain positive control and accuracy, esspecially while under stress.

  Placing Decal Grip brand rough textured grip tape on your handgun keeps you in control of your handgun. Decal Grips provide unmatched tactile feel and control in any conditions or environment. Regardless of cold, heat, mud, or snow, when applied properly, Decal Grips remain on your handgun for years and give you the tactical edge.  

  These pre-cut kits remove the hassles and messes associated with trying to cut your own. Each piece can be easily placed with precision as indicated on the instructions in just a few quick, simple steps. Use all of the pieces as recommended, or choose only the pieces that best fit your tactical, duty, or concealed carry needs.


Product Specifications:                       

Manufacturer: Decal Grip               Description: for Finger Grove (FG) Frames

??????Model:          Sand                        Fits:Glock 19/23/25/32/38 Generation 3

Type:           Grip                          Manufacturer Part#:G19FGS                                             

Finish/Color: Black

  • Item #: DGG19FGS
  • Manufacturer: Decal Grip

DECAL GRIP for GLOCK FG 19/23/32/38 SND

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