Handgun / Pistol NRA, NC DoJ, Glock, and Sig Sauer Certified Instructor Lead Classes afford professional firearms training
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Next Class: January 5th, 2019. This class is normally held in Swansboro, NC just 15 miles east of Jacksonville, or 8 miles from MCB Camp LeJeune's Piney Green Gate.  This location has an indoor classroom and an outdoor range.  

*Persons who attend this class first will later be afforded a discount when they attend one of our Concealed Carry-Handgun (CCH) courses.  

 This is the perfect gift for both new and returning pistol shooters!

Our NRA certified instructors provide formal hands-on training for the safe handling and proper orientation to handguns. This course is generally four hours in length, and includes professional instruction and live-fire range time learning to safely handle and shoot a handgun in a relaxed setting on a range.

        Handgun ownership is NOT required. If you don’t yet own a handgun, you may *rent one of ours.

Participants benefit from formal instruction learning the following:

  •  NRA’s rules for safe gun handling
  •  Pistol parts and operation
  •  Basics of ammunition
  •  Shooting fundamentals
  •  Pistol Cleaning basics
  •  Continued opportunities for skill development.

     See the drop-down menu on the right for class dates and locations.

Please Note, this class will be limited to the first twelve registered students.  


If you have a group of eight or more persons, we can schedule a course on a day of your choosing.


*Included in the pistol rental cost for this class is 50 rounds of ammunition for the handgun rented. You may rent a Smith and Wesson M&P22 for just $15, or a Glock 9mm for just $25.  First time shooters and those seeking to perfect the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship are highly encouraged to bring or rent a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol. For this class, we do not recommend bringing any pistol other than one of standard size. The use of super-compacts and oversized large caliber handguns is discouraged.  CCH discount cannot be combined with any other discounted prices or offers.    

  • Item #: HFC / Pistol 101
  • Manufacturer: PatriotTAC

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