Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount
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Mini Shot Pistol Mount 


The Mini Shot Pistol Mount is easy to use once installed and features a mounting base and dovetail, providing stabilization for the optic. The pistol mount is constructed from sturdy, anodized aluminum, enabling the unit to withstand both the tactical and training environments of tomorrow.


The Mini Shot Pistol Mount mounts onto the pistol, replacing the rear sight (Note: use of the appropriate sight tool is required). Mini Shot Reflex sights (sold seperately) allow you to quickly acquire a target and fire with both eyes open. The Mini Shot Pistol Mount and reflex sight provides effective shots on target quickly and enables faster transition between targets.

  • Mounts Mini Shot to Pistol
  • Lightweight and Durable

Be sure to choose the correct mount for your specific handgun make and model.

To see a video demonstration showing installation, click here

or use this link:




Note: Neither the Mini Shot Reflex Sight (sold separately) nor the pistol pictured above are included with this item.

  • Item #: MiniShotPistolMounts
  • Manufacturer: Sightmark

Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount

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