Disaster / Emergency Preparedness Survival Guide
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Keep one at the office or college dorm, one in your Go-Bag, & One in your Vehicle.

What may seem like a power outage can quickly turn into a critical survival situation. This essential 160 page book, 'The Pocket Disaster Survival Guide: What to Do When the Lights Go Out' creates a thorough and expansive guide on how to prepare and survive catastrophic disasters.

Authors Harris J. Andres and J. Alexander Bowers go in depth on issues like emergency preparedness, power sources, water and sanitation, evacuation, and many more. This book is small enough to fit in your kit and expansive enough to cover all natural and man-made disasters. Collect the entire Pocket series guides, and be prepared for any situation! Softcover. 160 pages.

Topics include:

  • Emergency Preparedness (Plans, Records, Digital Survival-Home, Business, & Computers)
  • Electrical Power (Blackouts, Emergency Lighting, Generators, Dealing w/ Disabilities)
  • Water (Essentials, Basic Needs, Sources, Water Treatment)
  • Food (Safety, Cooking, Meal Prep, Emergency Supplies, Storage, Shelf Life, etc.)
  • First Aid
  • Considerations for dealing with Heat and Cold
  • Communications
  • Evacuation
  • Disasters (Preparing and Dealing with)
  • Animal and Insect Hazards
  • Disaster Supply Kits
  • Emergency and Disaster Resources, and much more!
  • Item #: BK0610A
  • Manufacturer: Stoeger Books

"Disaster Survival Guide: What to Do When the Lights Go Out"

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