G Code Scorpion Magazine Carrier Pouches
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  G Code's Scorpion Series of Magazine Carriers provides a modular, versatile design which are perfect for military, law enforcement, three-gun, and sport shooting uses.

  The interior of each G Code Scorpion pouch is lined with G Code's 'Tactical FUZZ', a material which provides a friction medium that not only retains the magazine but also provides a smooth, silent draw.

  Shock cord lacing is fully adjustable and ensures magazines are locked into place. The Scorpion Magazine Carriers hold mags securely while still enabling them to be deployed easily and silently on demand. Unlike other magazine pouches, the G Code Scoprion pouches keep magazines from banging together and making unwanted noise.

When G Code designed theses Scorpion magazine pouches, they engineered channels which provide additional protection of the binding cord, ensuring precision placement of the interlace. The binding cord allows the end user to fine tune the feel of the draw to their own personal preference.

Various G-Code Scorpion pouches are available for 5.56mm, 7.62 x 39, and 7.62 x 51 Rifle Magazines and single and double-stack pistol magazines, too.

Every G-Code product is 100% made in the USA.

Please be sure to choose an optional mounting method. Scorpion pouches can be mouted by means of G Code's:

  • Small Paddle
  • Belt Slide
  • Scorpion Loop
  • MOLLE Mounting System, or
  • RTI Handger

Scorpion 556 mag carriers are ambidextrous, tension adjustable and fit all AR-15 and M-4 rifle magazines. Magazine pouch only. Please select your attachment method (accessory).

  • Item #: 98R_001
  • Manufacturer: G-Code

G Code Scorpion 556 Magazine Carrier

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