G Code XST RTI Kydex Holsters
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XST RTI Kydex Holster **HOLSTER ONLY** Choose accessory (mounting method) from our Accessories Page. Because G Code products are so versatile, users are able to configure their G Code holsters and other gear in different ways. By allowing you to purchase the attachment method as an accessory, you are able to buy only the items you need while enabling you to save money. 

The G Code XST Holster Series takes all the positives from the OSH Series (Heavy Use, Precision Formed, Modular Kydex Holster featuring a fold/wrap design with Adjustable Pro-Safe Tensioning) and adds a second level of retention.

The second level of retention is added with an Over the Top, Power Assisted, Retention Canopy. Built for combat, and ready to take a beating, the G Code XST RTI Holster has ample sight clearance for night sights and raised suppressor sights. The G Code XST RTI Holster's open front design allows for extended threaded barrels. Available in multiple colors and coatings, we have the right setup for your combat load out. 

  • Item #: XST-RTI
  • Manufacturer: G-Code

G Code XST RTI Kydex Holster

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