Joe Man In-the-Waistband LOKI Holster
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The Joe Man Inside-The-Waistband style Zues Holster is a versatile kydex holster. It can be worn as an apendix carry holster, an inside the waistband directional holster from the two to five o'clock positions, as a 'small of the back' holster, or even as a crossdraw-style inside the waistband holster. 

Both the slim construction and compactness of the holster contribute well to its concealability, versatility, and all around fitness for nearly any environment where an inside the waistband concealed carry holster is desired. 

Made in U.S.A. right here in North Carolina.


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  • Item #: IWB Zues
  • Manufacturer: Joe Man / 21st Tactical

Joe Man In-the-Waistband LOKI Holster

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