Joe Man Trigger Guard - Mercury Holster
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 For those of us who believe in the concept of “Less is More” when it comes to functionality, the Joe Man Trigger Guard – Mercury Holster may just be your next holster.

 Designed for concealed carry weapons use, the Mercury Holster is a no-bulk design which facilitates safe concealed carrying of your handgun while keeping the trigger and trigger guard completely encased during those times when you simply can’t wear a full sized holster.

 How does it work? Simply anchor the cord to a sturdy location and holster your weapon. The holster prevents unintentional objects from entering the trigger guard and inadvertent pressing of the trigger. When needed, one only has to establish a shooting grip and yank the weapon free to use it. This ingenious design permits multiple roles and carry positions from a single holster while keeping in mind that ounces add up to pounds.

IWB: This minimalist holster enables you to use it as an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster by anchoring the cord to your belt and inserting the holstered weapon inside your waistband. The cord prevents the handgun from sliding down too far while your belt holds the gun in the intended position. The cord is attached to the belt and with the draw stroke, it jerks the holster from the handgun leaving the holster dangling from your belt.

Purse Holster: Holster purses are expensive and never match what a lady intends to wear. The Trigger Guard Mercury Holster can be anchored to either the inside of a purse, or simply to the shoulder-strap of a purse for interchangeability with all purses already owned. Snap the Mercury Holster over the trigger guard and place the handgun inside the purse. To draw the weapon, simply reach in; establish a shooting grip and pull.

Glove box, Console Carry, backpack carry: In some cases where you may find the need to carry off-the body, the cord could be anchored to the bottom or inside compartment while the holster covers the trigger and trigger guard. Ultimately, the purpose of this type holster is to provide the same trigger guard protection as a standard holster without the added bulk or weight of a full sized holster.







Caution: This trigger guard holster is NOT intended to prevent an unauthorized person from gaining access to, or using the handgun in the trigger holster.

  • Item #: TrigGrdHolster
  • Manufacturer: Joe Man / 21st Tactical

Joe Man Trigger Guard - Mercury Holster

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